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On my website I invite you to explore my world and learn what makes me who I am. Learn about my different projects and ventures which I have launched in multiple fields and sectors. Read about my different hobbies and experiences in my journey to become what I am today.

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The Team

Moishe Kaufman

CEO & Co-Founder

Moishe Kaufman is the CEO & Co-founder of NFTuence and the Host of The Unruggable Podcast. A serial entrepreneur from a young age, Moishe is highly skilled at marketing brands, products and people. Moishe is passionate, motivated, well spoken, and ambitious.

Homa Sheikh

Director of Art & Graphics

Passionate art director with a demonstrated history of working in both digital and print.

Matt Momtaz

Director of Art & Graphics

From street art, to gallery exhibitions around the globe and years of experience in corporate design in multinational entities and eventually discovering blockchains and NFT space and diving head first; strategy, innovation and visual communications have been the fuel for his passion.

Ayrton Sawyers

Web Designer & Developer

A web designer from Cincinnati, OH with years of experience in web design and development. His passion is helping artists, businesses and project owners. With experience in a multitude of industries, he takes a Chameleon-like approach to identify intentions and messaging behind projects.

Sruly Fix

Podcast Administrator

Sruly has exceptional organizational skills and loves to help whenever he can. Sruly is always willing to learn something new to facilitate an ever optimized work flow.